Brooke Adams

Morgan Minno, junior, is ready to take the mound this softball season.

Grady Moore, Sports Writer

The Struthers softball team is getting ready for their next season. The Ladycats are coming off of a pretty decent season but have lost a few key players.

The girls are going to need some younger players to step up and fill very important roles.

The team has been practicing very hard this off season, and now that the season is about to tip off, they are more ready than ever.

The coaching staff is trying their best to help everyone out and focus on their specific needs for the upcoming season.

“Having a variety of coaches who know different things really helps myself and my team to get better in the things we struggle with,” says Morgan Minno, a key player on the team.

The girls had a decent season last year with a record of 8-14, but they want to try and exceed that with this upcoming season.

Not only the coaches, but the kids are very excited for the season to kick off.

“I’m very excited for the upcoming season and what our team is going to bring this year,” says Minno.

The girls have been in and out of the gym and practices trying to gain the respect that they deserve.

They have set personal goals and team goals to have something to strive for during the upcoming season.

“My personal goals really revolve around pitching. Considering the shortage of pitchers we have this year, I hope to do the best I can with helping the team out,” says Minno.

Watch out for the Cats this season because they are ready.