Brooke Adams

Gary Mudryk, sophomore, is excited for the upcoming track season.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

Gary Mudryk prepares for the upcoming track season.

Over the past month, Gary has been practicing for the upcoming season. He has been working hard with junior Christian Pascerella.

This is Mudryk’s first year of track; he previously was in basketball season and now has joined the track season. Gary comes to practice every day and works hard and continues to get better.

This is his first year of track and has been trying to learn everything he has to before his first meet and to meet his expectations for the season.

“I expect to do decent even though this is my first year doing track, so I’m going to try and learn the basics,” says the athlete.

Mudryk has been working hard to prepare for his first meet; he has been slowly gaining experience this season.

Mudryk has been practicing to get ready for the meet on March 27th.

“I have been practicing my jumps every day,” says the hopeful runner.

The track team has been very successful as of recently, with the current relay team making it to state qualifiers in indoor track. And with the new additions to the team, it’s looking even better.

Mudryk thinks the team is ready for the upcoming season.

“I think we look good,” says Mudryk.