Lamar Jackson is still a free agent this offseason.

Vince Boila, Sports Writer

Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson is a free agent for the first time in his young career in the 2023 NFL Offseason in Baltimore to see the highest offer he can get and decide where he wants to go.

Jackson is a free agent and can sign with any team he wishes, but as of last week, the Ravens placed a non-exclusive tag on him, which means that the Ravens can match any offer.

NFL players all around the league are confused as to why he can not receive the fully guaranteed contract that he wishes, but most teams won’t give him anything near what he wants.

Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt was one of many athletes to take it to social media and voice their opinion on what they think of this whole situation.

“Why are all of these teams so publicly ‘out’ on Lamar Jackson, an MVP winner in his prime at the most important position in the entire NFL? What am I missing here,” says Watt.

Jackson wishes to receive a fully guaranteed contract like Deshaun Watson, but most team owners are not fond of the idea and think that he doesn’t deserve that type of money.

The New York Post made an article with the report and made it sound like things aren’t changing any time soon.

“Negotiations with the Ravens… appeared to get contentious near the end of his rookie deal, leading the team to make the move of applying the non-exclusive tag instead of the traditional franchise tag… Jackson clearly believes he deserves the fully-guaranteed deal, but NFL owners are clearly not fans of the idea, with Watson’s deal setting a precedent that league decision-makers are not thrilled by,” says the article.

Jackson has also fired his agent after he was not able to get the deal done and has not hired a new one since.

This is the report by NBC Sports, and they have been reporting what everyone thought.
“Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson needs an agent now more than ever. So will he be hiring an agent? The prevailing thought in league circles is that he won’t be,” says the article.