Brooke Adams

Elena Bullen, sophomore, is ready for her track season.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature writer

Elena Bullen, a sophomore at Struthers High School, has been an important asset to the Struthers track team since she joined in seventh grade. Bullen does many things for the Struthers community and is a part of the cheer team. Although she has been doing track for four years now, she is still new to the sport itself and is focused on improving each year. 

Bullen runs the 4×1 relay, 4×2 relay, and the 100 meter dash. She was chosen to run relays by her coach, Zy Robinson, because it’s what she flourishes in the most while also positively contributing to her team. Bullen feels that in order for relays to be successful, the whole team has to work together to reach their goal of winning. 

Bullen runs the 100 meter dash because it is her favorite and reminds her to push for the goals she has set for this season. 

“My goals are to get my times down, I just want to consistently improve,” says Bullen. 

The Struthers Wildcat has been training rigorously during the off season with her teammates and at home to ensure a good season. The team conditions five days each week by lifting weights, running, and doing drills to prepare for the first meet on Monday, March 27th.

With all of the hard work, Bullen finds it easy to get down on herself, but a huge factor plays into what keeps her head up.

“Definitely being with my team members and just having fun with them, they are the best,” says Bullen. 

The sophomore  has been on varsity since her freshman year, earning her the first-year letter winner title which is what she is proud of when looking back at her accomplishments. Bullen faces many challenges through the sport, but still manages to keep her love for it strong as she has always loved the idea of doing track since she was young. She feels her coaches are a huge part in her love for the sport as their passion and care for each team member is very prominent. 

Bullen has learned many things since her first year of track and wants to share the experience-gained knowledge with others. 

“Always try your best and don’t give up on yourself,” says Bullen.