Brooke Adams

Mrs. Mickler has been a teacher for 16 years.

Bryson Vince, Feature writer

Mrs. Mickler has been a teacher in the Struthers City School District for 16 years.

She wanted to become a teacher because she loves helping others and watching others succeed.

The NHS advisor loves all of the subjects that she teaches. 

“I love all of the subjects I teach. Honors English 11 is great because we do a lot of real-world assignments that will benefit students in the future. ACT Prep is another good one because–if you’ve taken the class–you know I love the ACT. I love watching hard work pay off,” says the English teacher.

She tries to bring excitement to the classroom each day. She also tries to give 110% each day and hopes students can feed off of her energy to be excited about learning.

Mickler finds the most frustrating thing about teaching is that students aren’t prepared to learn new things each day.

“There are so many factors that have an effect on students that I don’t realize. It’s hard for me to grasp that some students aren’t prepared to learn each day because of these factors. I wish I could help,” says the Medical Career Club Advisor.

Mrs. Mickler says that she loves working out on her Peloton, shopping, and spending time with her husband and her dog named Moose. 

She remembers students who create special bonds with her within the clubs that she is the advisor of.

“I honestly remember so many. As the advisor of clubs, I get to interact with students in a different way. I remember ones who I develop a strong bond with, which is quite a few. I am so lucky to meet so many great people,” says the Interact Club Advisor.

One of her hidden talents is not actually a hidden talent, but it was a memory from when she was in college that she was a contestant on the “Price is Right.”