Frank Marr

Devin Braham, sophomore, plays running back and linebacker for the Cats.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature writer

Devin Braham is coming off his injury from the previous season. This has only motivated him to work his hardest to prepare for the next season. 

Braham tore his meniscus towards the end of his 2022 football season, creating a block in his path. But, this did not stop Braham in his hard work for this football season. 

Braham trains daily to put hard work into being at his best next season.

“I tore my meniscus before the season, and I had some trouble the whole year but I played through the injury and had a pretty good season.I recently got cleared for all sports so I’ve been able to get back to everything,” says number four.

The football player has been tough as he stuck out the rest of the 2022 season playing with a torn meniscus, after his surgery, his main goal was to get back on the field and start playing again. 

Braham has high hopes for next season, and he is ready to put his all in for this next season.

“I expect big things this year. I expect a better season from myself. Also the team looks great and everyone’s working hard. I believe we can go undefeated,” says Braham. 

Braham is putting his hardest work in; after a long lesson and a small setback from his injury, he knew how to handle it. 

He faced a challenge, but he tackled it and pushed it behind him. 

“After finding out about my knee, I was a little defeated. It was hard to cope with and keep a positive mindset. But I pushed through it,” says the football player. 

Number four has recovered and is expecting a lot this season. After a long recovery, he is ready and back to take this season down.