Brooke Adams

Gary Mudryk, sophomore, is excited for the upcoming track season.

Marisa Orbin, Feature writer

Seventeen-year-old junior Gary Mudyrk is a student at Struthers High School.

Mudryk recently got picked to be in the organization called NHS. National Honor Society (NHS) is a group that picks students that reach the four essential pillars the organization requires. Mudryk was one of those few students chosen.

The new inductee explains how he completed the requirements.

“I had to have a GPA of 3.5 or above and also had to have 20 service points.  After all of that, the teachers were asked if I am a good enough student to be allowed to join the NHS, and I had to have a 75% yes rate to be officially accepted,” says the junior. 

As Mudryk has made it his junior year, it will go until the end of  . But, he must continue with the old and new requirements.

The NHS member describes what the next steps are.

“You have to attend almost every single meeting, and you have to get 10 more service points by January of next year,” says Mudryk.

Since Mudryk’s freshman year, he has begun the steps to get into NHS. Many students may start late and may not be able to acquire enough service points. Students should be knowledgeable about starting as soon as they can for this organization if they are interested.

The junior states why students should join.

“This club can lead to scholarships, which is very helpful for college,” says Mudryk.