Brooke Adams

Caleb Sakara, junior, is ready for baseball season.

Morgan Minno, Feature writer

Junior Caleb Sakara is very excited for the upcoming baseball season with his boys. Along playing on the varsity football team, Sakara hopes to hit the goals he set for himself for the season. Sakara plays right field and left field and hopes to get hits and outs this year. 

Sakara is ready for the season to start and to win some games with his team. This is something he is really looking forward to. 

“I am excited to see what this year has in store for us. I am ready to win some games and to enjoy this last year with the senior class,” says Sakara. 

Sakara has been playing baseball for over ten years now. Some of his most enjoyable moments are playing little league and meeting one of his closest friends today, Morgan Minno. He hopes that these next few years will be enjoyable for himself and also for his teammates as well. 

Sakara believes that his team will continue to grow, and will go forth with winning more games as years come. 

“I feel like we have a lot of positivity amongst our team. We have a lot of boys with lots of talent,” says Sakara. 

Sakara plans to attend a trade school to become a carpenter or electrician and to hopefully continue his baseball career. Playing baseball is something that he enjoys doing and hopes that he will still play after his senior year. 

He believes that the future generation of baseball players will grow with positivity just like they do now and grow more with the upperclassmen leading them in years to come. 

“Something I would tell the future players is that patience is key. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do,” says Sakara.