Brooke Adams

Zoey Simpson, senior, is looking forward to her last year of softball.

Marissa Metzka, Feature writer

Zoey Simpson is a senior softball player, cheerleader, and student at Struthers High School.

Simpson plays second base on the softball team.

Simpson has tried other positions out on the field; last year her coaches gave her a little bit of a new experience.

“I tried shortstop last year but went back to second base,” says Simpson.

Simpson has been playing softball for three years now.

Simpson and her best friend decided to try out for something new their sophomore year.

“During my sophomore year, they needed a few more girls to have a JV team, so me and my best friend decided to try it out to see if we liked it,” says Simpson.

Simpson is sad that this is her last season playing softball and wishes it could last longer.

She believes that this season is going to be new and different compared to the previous years because of all the new varsity players.

“I think the season will be interesting. There’s a lot of changes compared to last year and we’re learning how to play with a group of almost all new varsity players,” says Simpson.