Brooke Adams

Tyzjere Price, freshman, is making his first year in high school count.

Nadia Galazia, Feature writer

Tyzjere Price is a freshman athlete at Struthers High School. The athlete plays football, basketball, and runs for the track team at Struthers. Price is still undecided about his role on the track team but will find out soon.

Price is a new student to Struthers; he arrived at the middle school last year in eighth grade. He has fit in well with the other students in his grade.

The athlete came from Woodrow Wilson Alternative School; he likes it better at Struthers then he did at Wilson.

“Before coming to Struthers I went to Woodrow Wilson since Kindergarten, I do find it more fun at Stuthers than it was there, but I still loved my time there,” says Price.

The freshman athlete did not take the opportunity to run track at his old school, so he took the opportunity at Struthers. 

Price is taking part in running Struthers Track and Field this year for the first year as a freshman. Price is thrilled to start something new but still not sure if he will continue this sport in upcoming years.

“This is my first year running track for any school, and I am excited to start something new. I don’t know if I would like to continue running track in upcoming seasons,” says the athlete. 

This year, he played basketball and football for the Wildcats and has created a good bond with the players in both of the sports.

Some of his friends did both football and basketball, so he had the chance to carry those friendships over to another sport. Price also has the chance now to do so with the track and field season coming up.

“I do track with a lot of the boys from football and basketball, so it’s fun to be involved in another sport with them, and it is nice to get closer with them,” says Price.