Brooke Adams

Ms. Parella has been teaching for 31 years.

Gianna Cannon, Feature writer

Miss Parella has been teaching in the Struthers City School District for the past 31 years. 

While attending Youngstown State University, Parella majored in secondary education and went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in that field. She also gained her master’s degree in English. 

The college graduate developed a love for the subject at a young age. 

“My love of reading and writing when I was younger is what inspired me to work in the education field. My love of the subject matter was what initially sparked my interest; I enjoyed teaching and the field work that was required,” says Parella. 

The educator teaches a wide range of courses in Struthers High School. Along with four College Credit Plus classes, Parella is also in charge of a handful of electives. She teaches many classes: English 12, CCP 1550, CCP Communications, CCP and regular Exploring Majors and Careers, Mythology, Public Speaking, and CCP American Literature and Diversity.

Even though she is a full-time Struthers teacher, she is also a part-time YSU Faculty member. She says taking CCP classes is a great benefit for students if they plan on furthering their education in college. 

“It is a great advantage for students to take CCP classes if they qualify because they would save time and money. By taking CCP classes, students get high school and college credit. They don’t need to pay for the classes or books; the Board of Education covers all fees for students. It is a huge advantage because college is so expensive, and it can save thousands of dollars worth of debt,” says the member of the YSU staff. 

Along with her duties in the high school, Parella is also involved with the YSU English Festival and has been involved in some capacity for the last 20 years. In seventh grade, she attended the festival and fell in love with its atmosphere. In order to participate in the event, students must be willing to read; there are seven books that students must read over the course of several months, which are available in the high school library. Afterwards, they can participate in numerous competitions that involve writing, trivia, and much more. 

At the festival, students will have the opportunity to meet two to three authors of the required novels, which are different each year.

“If you are someone who enjoys reading and tends to have favorite authors or an author that really speaks to you in some way, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Students could meet the author and purchase a book or bring a copy and get it signed after hearing from the author directly. In a way, it is similar to enjoying music and going to a concert because there is nowhere else to get that experience; it is one of the biggest and best festivals of its kind. Overall, it is a really unique experience. As long as someone is willing to do some reading and a little writing, they should sign up in the future,” says the English festival coordinator for 10th-12th grade.

Throughout her career, Parella has truly enjoyed having a positive impact on her students. She especially enjoys watching her students grow, whether that is over her students’ high school journeys or one school year.