Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Mia Clyde is a sophomore who went out for golf for the first time this year and ended up really enjoying it. 

This season, the girls’ golf team had the most players compared to previous years and Clyde is one of the joiners. 

For being a first-time golfer, Clyde started off having some trouble but worked her way through it to get where she wanted to be. 

“The season went pretty well. I did not score where I wanted to, but my score did get better every match,” says Clyde. 

Golf is known to be one of the more difficult sports to play. 

Clyde did run into some obstacles throughout the season, but she learned how to push through them. 

“Everything about this game is hard. If you do not line the ball up directly where it needs to be, you will mess everything up and will score bad on that hole. It is all about patience,” says the golfer. 

In just a couple months, the girls will be back to it and will get the reps they need. 

Clyde is hoping to improve next season to become the player she wants to be. 

“Next season, I am hoping to score in the 40’s and improve every match like I did this season,” says Clyde.