Madison Marshall, freshman, is finishing up this year and is ready for the next.

Elena Bullen

Madison Marshall is a freshman at Struthers High School. She plays volleyball as an outside or right side hitter. 

The school year is coming to an end, so that means new classes will be scheduled and new memories will be made. 

Marshall has goals for her sophomore year and continues her goals this year.

“I want to have better grades by the end of the year and start off strong with them next school year,” states Marshall. 

Coming from middle school can be troubling and difficult for some students. There are big factors that change. 

The volleyball player had to get used to the changes that came with moving up. 

“The classes are much harder than before and having more classes instead of having a longer time period in just math and language arts was different,” says the right side hitter. 

The Wildcats volleyball season was rocky. Everyone tried making it fun while it lasted. The girls still pushed through the season.  

Volleyball is the freshman’s favorite time of the fall season, and she is anticipating next year.

“I’m looking forward to volleyball next year and having new classes,” says Marshall.