Sean McDermott is leading the Bills into the next season.

Kendis MacLeod, Sports Writer

The Bills season has come to an end with a record of 13-3, only losing to the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and the Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs. Other than that, their season was very dominant as they cruised through most of their games, but their 2023 schedule looks to be significantly tougher than last year’s.

The Buffalo Bills had what looked to be a promising season and was even predicted to be a Super Bowl winning team, but ended their season to the Bengals losing 27-10 on January 22nd during the divisional round in the 2023 playoffs. Hopefully with the upcoming season, they will be able to finally have a Super Bowl ring.

This season the Bills will be playing against some of the best teams in the league, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Dallas Cowboys. All these teams made it past the first round of the playoffs and look to have good picks in the upcoming draft.

Buffalo do have some easy games that will give them a break from all the tough teams. Some prime examples would be the Commanders, Patriots, Jaguars, Raiders, Giants, and the Buccaneers.