The Guardians have recruited Mike Zuino this offseason.

Matthew McConahy, Sports Writer

Some players are preparing for the world baseball classic, but others are focused on defending their title.

While the temperatures were down in Arizona, the excitement for the new season was definitely up.

Pitchers and catchers were there including Shane Bieber and newly recruited catcher Mike Zuino, whom the Guardians signed back in December.

Zuino did not play after June 9th, 2022 because of shoulder surgery last season, but in the previous year, he was one of the best offensive pitchers in the game.

He got his first chance to practice with Bieber. The two barely talked after a little bullpen action.

Zuino says he is excited to be coming off an injury with a new team.

“Coming back from injury, coming to a new team, I mean, there was a lot of excitement. The first day of spring training is always exciting, but to be able to do that, check a few boxes off when you’re not sure when you’ll be able to do that is exciting and fun,” says Zunino

It’s an exciting time as the Guardians look forward to defending their Central Division title.