Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Clippers.

Adam Grewe, Sports Writer

The 2023 NBA trade deadline has passed but not before a flurry of superstar deals shook up the league.

Many owners were shocked and warned that there are new teams in the league that are in the race for the ring.

The league’s owners made multiple moves to help power the teams throughout the playoffs and give them the extra firepower they needed.

There are many teams that are on their heels and that need a change. The stars they had were not just good enough, so the owners went to work.

“Look no further than the Phoenix Suns, who are acquiring star forward Kevin Durant in a blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets,” says ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The teams made the push on the deadline and are very hungry for a ring and are needing these pick ups to help bring back a ring to a worthy team’s city.

The fact that reporters grieve these athletes is just pathetic because of the amount of skill level they are forced to compete against in the building of these power house teams.

It was a crazy deadline that saw 28 of the NBA’s 30 teams make at least one move.

The Brooklyn Nets were involved in the two biggest deals of the deadline, sending Irving to the Mavericks before shipping Durant to the Suns. The Lakers acquired Russell, Mo Bamba and more, while sending out Westbrook, Thomas Bryant and Patrick Beverley.

“Keep an eye on the buyout market. With several point guards being traded today, the Bulls could look to bolster their backcourt with a veteran addition. With limited money, Chicago has to hope DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vučević are enough to entice a player to sign,” says Bulls reporter Darnell Mayberry.