Bob Eisenbraun

The girls bowling team advanced during the district tournament to the state level.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The big district tournament was on Saturday, February 25 for the girls at Stonehenge in Akron.

The girls team did really well; they got 3rd out of 13 teams.

Mary Williams was a senior this year, she placed 5th out of 83 girls. Her scores were 188,191 and 200 for a 579 set.

Williams was really happy with how the team did overall.

“Everyone did their best that they were able to do because most of the girls had been feeling sick all morning, but they did great and powered through it. I feel as though I tried my best there because I never really do well there, but I know I had to push myself because we all really wanted to make it.” She Says.

Saturday was a big deal because this would determine if the team made it to state or not. The girls were in 2nd or 3rd the whole tournament, they were 1 pin behind 2nd place.

Williams believes the team worked hard and can make it to state.

“I think it went really well because we were all really nervous and freaking out since we were missing a member (clare), so we all knew we wouldn’t be able to sub out. Overall it went really well, even if we didn’t do our best.” Says Williams

The girls bowling team did really well but there is always a way to improve. Saturday was a way to get to state for the girls for the 2nd time. The girls needed to have more confidence and work the hardest they have all season to be one of the best teams in the state.

Williams thinks the team can make it to state and win but the team needs to work on some things.

“We all really need to work on our fundamentals along with working on specific things like 10 pins or 7 pins, ect. We also all need to focus a lot more because of it being our last tournament for the year and we want to finish strong. I believe that we will all do great though.” Says Williams