Ryan Day and the Buckeyes are making offseason moves.

Brady Clyde, Sports Writer

Ohio State is coming off of a big year and are getting highly named recruits committing with big shoes to fill for the 2023-2024 season.

The Buckeyes coming just nearly short of the national championship are looking to make it back to the big game by ranking in at the 3rd team in the off season recruiting process pulling in top prospects coming out of high school.

Ryan Day is very excited to see who can fill the shoes of standout C.J Stroud and is looking forward to seeing five star wide receiver Brandon Inniss show out his talents against top tier competition.

Signing one of the best classes Wednesday, Day has big things planned ahead.

“They’re gonna have an unbelievable opportunity here at Ohio State. These are guys that want to be Buckeyes. They know the opportunity here. … A lot of these guys did it for the right reasons (and for things that) truly matter,” says Day in an interview.

One negative thing is the Buckeyes only have signed one five star and that is Brandon Inniss while Alabama has signed a whopping seven five stars.

Day doesn’t get caught up in the ranking the kids have; he thinks anyone can perform at a top tier level at Ohio state.

“It’s Ohio State. We should be the best in the country and we will,” says Day to questions regarding his program and NIL.

Regardless of any potential further additions to the 2023 class though, Day is confident the Buckeyes remain on the trajectory to continue competing for national championships with the 20 newest players they’ve signed into the program.

Focusing on the big game is what day works and thrives for.

“I know this program is in a great place and will be for a long time,” says Day.

Ohio State is looking forward to getting to work upcoming in the spring and looking to add some new additions from the transfer portal for the 2023-2024 season.