Jim Schwartz was hired as the Defensive Coordinator for the Browns.

Robert Carcelli, Sports Writer

The Browns finished the 2022 football season with a record of 7-10 with many ups and just as many downs.

The Browns, despite all of their talent on the defensive side of the ball, still had one of the worst ranked defenses in the NFL. To fix this, they fired their Defensive Coordinator, Joe Woods and hired the Senior Defensive Assistant from Tennessee Titans, Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz has actually coached back in Cleveland before, being a personnel scout from 1993-95.

During his interview for being hired, he was reminiscing about his first time with the team.

“I lived here at the office. Even though I have a degree from Georgetown, I got my degree in football-ology and a Ph.D. in football-ology from the Browns and from Bill Belichick,” says the new Browns coach.

While it can be fun to talk about the past, Schwartz is excited for the future and believes he can turn the Browns defense around.

Schwartz came to Cleveland to win, and he feels like not only does the organization need a Super Bowl appearance, but the fans of the football team do as well.

“I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to the fans here to get this right and to reward them because I will forget most plays of the Super Bowl that I was with the Eagles — I forget just about every play in that game — but what I won’t forget is that parade afterwards. It’s indelible in my mind. I’ll never forget. In my mind, there is only one place that would outdo that parade in Philadelphia, and we’re here right now,” says the new defensive coordinator.

Schwartz is excited to come in and coach the already talented Browns defense; he knows what the team wants and he knows it’s now his job to get the defense up over the hump they’ve been stuck on the past few years.

He looks forward to coaching Myles Garrett as he fits perfectly into his aggressive four man rush scheme. Garrett can become a potential DPOY candidate with this new defense.

“I think that every offense we will play will probably start with that — how do we neutralize Myles Garrett and how do we keep him from wrecking this game? It’s my job to give him some answers and to be able to put some pieces scheme wise and personnel wise around him to allow him to be free and more productive,” says Schwartz.