Brooke Adams

Mrs. Bradley was a multi-sport athlete for the Lowellville Rockets.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

Mrs. Bradley is an English teacher and leader of the Student Council at Struthers High School, bettering students every day. However, before working at Struthers, she was a Lowellville High School student, going through the same events her students do today. Along with being a stellar student, she was a strong athlete and loved to push herself. 

The former Lowellville Rocket spent her high school years making the most of it as she played basketball her freshman year and volleyball her sophomore and junior year. Bradley made the varsity basketball team when she was only a freshman, giving her a completely different experience. 

She feels that even though she played volleyball longer, basketball was what scored her heart. 

“It was fast-paced; I could get some aggression out, and I was better at it,” says Mrs. Bradley. 

The Wildcat staff member was very proud of her younger self as she was a JV 3-point leader and worked hard to accomplish her goals. Bradley felt that the basketball team included much more of a tight bond amongst the teammates rather than volleyball, where everyone had individual jobs and goals. 

When asked to look back upon her years as an athlete, Bradley recalls what ideals shaped her into who she is today.

“I learned that I can. When I think about all of the things I did physically and mentally, it allows me to be stronger today,” she says. 

Bradley feels that although basketball is still the same sport she always loved, the athletes and players are more advanced than when she played, making the sport itself more mature. She frequently got frustrated when other girls played over her when she put in more work and was just as good. 

The Lowellville alumnae felt defeated at times throughout her athletic career, but she recognized that she had an impactful coach who made sports enjoyable. 

“My JV coach, Mr. Lellio, was super fair. We had equitable playing time, and I try to just be like him in life,” says Mrs. Bradley. 

Bradley tries to remind all of her students, including athletes, that if they love what they do, don’t quit and always keep going.