Brooke Adams

Gabby Russell is ready to begin her senior year.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Gabby Russell is a 16 year-old junior in Struthers High School.

Getting toward the end of the year, Russell along with other students in the school year started the steps to form their schedules for the next school year. Advantages for students at Struthers is that they are able to take college credit classes. This will help Russell get ahead beyond her high school years.

The junior explains just what these classes are.

“I can take a class in high school and get credit for it when I go to college,” says Russell. 

Throughout Struthers, Russell states that there are many programs that allow students to explore different styles of careers. Some of the classes are very exciting and can benefit in many ways. Russell is able to take one of them for her senior year.

The Struthers student expresses her excitement for one of these classes.

“I am excited to take Cats Cafe because I’m excited to cook,” says the soon-to-be senior. 

As Russell has had some ups and downs in her junior year, she explains it was still good. As junior year can be a struggle, Russell is still powering through it. She is about to be a senior and leaves words for incoming juniors. 

The future senior shares her advice.

“Don’t fall behind on your work and don’t procrastinate,” says Russell.