Brooke Adams

Lexa Tovtin is ready to take on her junior softball season.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Junior, Lexa Tovtin, is ready for the upcoming softball season. She has been playing softball for three years now, and she is the third baseman on the varsity team. She recently just moved to Struthers and feels more welcome than ever being on the team with all of the girls. 

Tovtin hopes that the upcoming season will bring nothing but positive energy and commitment throughout the year. 

“My teammates really inspire me to keep going. We all work together all the time. I also think our team gets along very well, and we have good chemistry when working together,” says Tovtin.  

Tovtin is definitely ready for the upcoming year but is also excited about her future as well. She plans to go to Akron or Kent and receive her degree in Biology and then continue on to get her Marine Biology License. 

Playing softball in college is something Tovtin would like to do, but it isn’t her main focus right now. If she gets the opportunity, she will play for sure. 

“I am really excited not just for this year, but my senior year and maybe even future college years,” says Tovtin. 

Tovtin is prepared for her last couple years on the team. She is a good role model and loves to help out the younger girls with anything they need to work on. There are many things the team can work on, but Tovtin really steps up to the plate to be a leader to the whole team. 

Tovtin loves being an inspiration to all of the girls and hopes that they will be in her shoes one day doing the same thing. 

“I’m excited to become a role model for the upcoming freshman and just having fun during my final years. Have fun and don’t be so hard on yourself,” says Tovtin.