Brooke Adams

Natalie Adams is ready for track this year.

Isabella Sahli, News Writer

The Struthers track and field team has begun practicing for their first meet on Monday, March 27th at South Range High School.

Practice started on February 20th and all the runners and field athletes have been working hard to prepare themselves for their upcoming meets. These practices involve practicing the events they’re going to participate in at meets and doing a lot of conditioning to get them physically ready for everything this season is going to throw at them.

Natalie Adams, a freshman on the track team, is getting herself ready for the season one practice at a time.

“We are practicing hard every day, mentally training ourselves and really pushing ourselves hard at every practice,” says Adams.

By starting this early before any of their meets, the athletes are able to work a lot on the little details. It’s an opportunity for them to perfect important parts of their techniques that they might not have time for during the regular season.

Alyssa Emerson, a freshman thrower on the track team, is thankful for the early practice and how much it helps her get ready.

“It really helps me adjust to the different weights and just get back into throwing and what that feels like,” says Emerson.

Outdoor track transfers over directly from indoor, so a number of the athletes on the team have already gone through these experiences to prepare themselves for the spring season. By taking the extra step, they continue to help their team get ready for these upcoming meets.

Talisa Lee, a junior on the track team, has used the indoor track season to grow even more as an athlete.

“It gave me a head start for the outdoor season. I was able to improve on more things, and now I can use those to be even better for the outdoor season,” says Lee.