Brooke Adams

Dom Liptak is enjoying his sophomore year.

Katelyn Kimble, Feature Writer

Dominic Liptak is a sophomore at Struthers High School. He has been playing football for two years and is now working hard to play varsity next season. 

He has made many goals for himself and has been working extra hard to make the goals a reality. He has already started training with and without the team to better himself on the field. He hopes to get stronger and continue to be extra active before the fall. 

Playing football is a very competitive sport, so you have to stay in shape and ready. 

“You have to be disciplined enough to go to every lifting and practice all year long. You also have to stay in shape to be in good enough condition to play the game,” says Liptak. 

Next year, the Cats are looking to be very good with a lot of underclassmen already having playing time under their belt. Sophomores will now have to step up and become leaders. Many are very excited about this and cannot wait for the season to come. 

Liptak feels that this will be the best season because of him being an upperclassman. 

“I feel like it will be the most fun season yet since our grade is becoming some of the older guys on the team, and if I make the shift to the varsity it will be a whole new experience that I’ve been waiting to have,” says Liptak.

Playing a sport in high school is not always about winning; it could also be about having fun with friends. Being on the same team as your friends could cause you to want to be better and work harder. It makes it more enjoyable to do hard work if your teammates are with you. 

He’s excited to be getting better with his friends, and that keeps him motivated to get better. 

“I find lifting fun and always try to get stronger as time goes on. Many of my friends play football as well, so I look forward to seeing them and competing against them all the time,” says Liptak.