Mrs. Nicholas

(Left to Right): Sophia Kavouras, Josh Robinson, Paul Armour, Dom Liptak

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Struthers students are still shining their way through the school year to make students of the month for January.

With the school year approaching a little over the halfway mark, a lot would think students are starting to not care about school anymore. Although at Struthers, this is not the case. Students are still working and impressing teachers with their hard work and good behavior.

Senior, Sophia Kavorous, is still making an impact at the school and wants to do everything in her power to make a good impression.

“I feel like I’ve made a great impact on the school because I am involved in so much within the school,” says Kavouras.

To win Student of the Month, especially this far into the year, teachers are looking for a number of things in the students. People who are always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, are the ones these teachers look for. Even if they see little acts of kindness, they make sure these students get recognized.

The senior cheerleader is also always making sure she’s doing everything she can to be a good student and gives advice to others.

“I would tell 0ther students working towards this goal to work hard and turn in all of their work on time,” says Kavorous.

Students who are involved in a lot of school activities stand out also, especially clubs and any extracurricular activities like sports and other activities. Being involved in these types of extras shows teachers and everyone in the school that they are serious about being a good student and leader.

Sophomore Dom Liptak is involved in sports and tries to make the best out of his academic career by being involved in the school.

“I play football, and lift with the team every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I plan on playing golf this summer as well,” says Liptak.