Brooke Adams

Leah Lawrence knows what it takes to receive the PBIS incentive.

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

At Struthers High School, there was an incentive held in front of the office, right after school on Thursday, February 16th.

The incentive is where the students will receive ice cream at the end of the day. They had all sorts of ice creams. The students have the option of ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars and drum sticks.

The incentive helped a lot of students try to do better, and it helped get students to want to be able to be in the next incentive.

“I think that I received the incentive because I made sure I tried my best in my work. I always wanted to make sure I was never late, and that I stayed on task while in my classes,” says freshman Leah Lawrence.

The incentive is a time of the year where the students who came to school and did what they are supposed to do. If the students who didn’t get the incentive want to get the next incentive at the end of the year, they still can.

Students have their own reasons for how they think students should act towards the incentives.

“It’s mind over matter when it comes to things like that. You just have to keep constant with school, grades, attendance, being involved with other students and being the best student you can be,” says senior Deanna Gulu.

In order to get an incentive, students have to follow the RED system. RED stands for Responsible, Elite, and Dedicated. Students who followed the RED system got a higher chance of receiving a card for the incentive.

The Struthers School District gave students an opportunity to have a relaxing end of the day.

“The incentive was fun. It was a little treat for those that do what they are told. It was really delightful and very kind of the school to be doing this for their students,” says freshman Ryan Gulu.

There are two incentives, one near the middle of the year and one near the end of the year. Some of the teachers have talked about what the incentive should have or what the incentive should do. The Struthers School District helped the students want to achieve