Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Nathan Wilson is a freshman student at Struthers High School. He is a basketball player for the Wildcats. The season ended with eight winning games this season.

Wilson loves playing basketball and being on the court makes him feel accomplished. He enjoys the idea of playing with his friends he has known since he was in fifth grade.

The freshman player has been playing basketball for the Cats for four years.

“I do enjoy playing basketball. It is a sport that I put time and effort into practicing. The feeling makes me feel great when I get to play with my teammates,” says the freshman. 

The season ended for him and his teammates. Wilson loves the game, but he wasn’t too bummed out that it came to an end. He keeps on moving and hoping for more success in the upcoming years.

The freshman basketball player is not looking back on this season and missing it. Wilson is relieved that he can get some time off to practice more and become even better for next season.

“I’m not too upset about the season being over, but I am still putting in work for next season to be more skilled on the court,” says Wilson.

As of right now, Wilson plans on continuing playing the game during these high school years and after as well.

It looks like a good future is ahead for Wilson in this sport if he keeps practicing and putting in the hard work.

“Basketball is my favorite sport to play. I have been playing for a while, and I wouldn’t want to stop playing unless there was a reason,” says Wilson.