Brooke Adams

Mr. Shuluga is in charge of the school store.

Laci Ekoniak, Feature Writer

Why did you decide to create the school store class?

Mr. Shuluga: To give students a chance to see how it is to operate a business of their own and for the school to have ownership of making their own spirit wear clothing. 

How do you decide on your designs?

Mr. Shuluga: I allow the students to come up with what they want, or we work with customers on what they want. It is free and open to the mind of the students. 

Are there going to be any upcoming sales?

Mr. Shuluga: Every Friday, we have a sale. We will be doing some kind of discount in March, so keep an eye open. 

Do you have any new shirts or sweatshirts?

Mr. Shuluga: We always have new stuff for students to buy. 

How do you decide who runs the store and the money?

Mr. Shuluga: It is usually someone who is in School Store II or someone who I think can make a great manager.

Do you let your kids make some of the designs and give ideas?

Mr. Shuluga: It’s all the students’ work; they are the ones that make it and give ideas.

Do you have any new products you’re going to be selling?

Mr. Shuluga: Yes, we will keep an eye open and store down every Friday during 4th period or stop by and see us.