Brooke Adams

Mrs. Lambert is looking forward to being the district librarian next year.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mrs. Lambert is a current English teacher at Struthers High School who will take on many roles in the building moving forward.

A proud alumna from Struthers, Lambert obtained her teaching degree from Kent State University before getting her Masters in Library Sciences. After tutoring her peers in college, she realized that she wanted to pursue an occupation in education.

The college graduate went on to teach in North Carolina and at Youngstown East before landing her dream job at Struthers. 

“Every school I have taught in presents its own unique challenges. I feel that I became a good teacher through experiencing those challenges. Students are students no matter where you teach, and I have been fortunate to have taught many different students who have impacted my teaching,” says the educator.

During her years as a student, Lambert valued the learning that her teachers impacted her. She also learned an important lesson at SHS, which is that hard work pays off. One thing that the staff member still carries with her today is being proud of her hometown. 

Presently during the 2022-2023 school year, the football fan teaches 9th grade English as well as an Art of Creative Writing elective. 

“My favorite part of teaching is when students enjoy what I am teaching. The spark of curiosity and when students understand a topic warms my heart. I believe students need to have a place to write creatively’ we spend so much time teaching essays that we lose the creative spark. I wanted to bring that spark back,” says the avid reader. 

Progressing in her career, Lambert shares the title as the Senior Class Advisor with Mrs. Mickler. She took the position in order to play a bigger part in her students’ lives outside of teaching and has enjoyed spending time with the senior class through many different events such as Homecoming and the bonfire held this past fall.

She will also replace Mr. Zanni as the district librarian and digital media teacher after he retires. 

“I am also so excited to start a new chapter and slightly shift my focus. I am so very grateful to Mr. Zanni because he is training me and helping me with moving into this new position. I plan to continue training so that our digital media program continues to thrive,” says the upcoming librarian. 

Above all, Lambert hopes to inspire students to be themselves and work hard for what they want. She also wishes to spark interest in reading, digital media and any other passion that her students hold.