Brooke Adams

Ava Pokopatz is a LINK Crew Leader.

Carley Johnston, News Writer

The Class of 2027 visited the high school to get a glimpse of the electives, clubs, and extracurriculars offered on Wednesday, February 15.

For the first time in ages, the incoming freshmen were greeted by select upperclassmen, the current LINK leaders, and teachers. Middle to high school can be a difficult transition, so anything to ease it can be incredibly helpful. The students were introduced to all sorts of classes and clubs, such as: the different languages offered, the construction and robotics classes, different art classes, the entire music department, the Cats Cafe, and even more.

Eighth-grader Lauren Craig has a bit of an advantage, like a few of the other students, because of her participation in marching band this year. She was a part of the color guard.

“The transition is a little overwhelming, but it’s nice to see that the older students have our backs for the upcoming year. I already have some idea of the classes I want to take, but the visit definitely helped. It was really cool to see some of the classes and clubs in action,” says Craig.

On the other side of things, the current high school students were more than willing to help out with the visit. From LINK leaders, to students in the classes that were showcased, each of them had something different to offer; especially knowing how difficult the transition can be.

Ava Pokopatz, a junior, is one of the link leaders. She was a big help with the visit, and helped give tours to the students.

“I really like the LINK program because it shows your leadership through helping the kids, and it makes the high school experience a lot better for everyone, having someone to look up to. I gave tours during the visit, and I think it went well, even though some of the kids were overwhelmed, but it’s okay because everything is so new and different,” says Pokopatz.

Even the teachers know that the transition can be pretty tough, and with their cooperation and planning, little things like this visit can make a big change just a little less overwhelming.

Mrs. Herrholtz was one of the staff members involved in a majority of the planning for the event.

“It was a collaborative effort to plan! We had input from guidance, principals and the superintendent. Teachers and students also played a role in planning what would happen during their visits. We’re doing great things here at Struthers High School. I’m always excited to hear about the hands-on work students are doing in the electives and credentialing programs. I wanted our eighth-graders to start planning for their future here and beyond.I was so proud of our students who showcased the programs they’re a part of. The LINK leaders were amazing tour guides and our Q & A panel gave honest advice and feedback for the eighth-graders. We’re planning for the same event next year! I’ve been collecting feedback from everyone involved and hope to improve on the experience for our future students,” concludes Herrholtz.