Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

In real life, there are just normal humans. But in this TV show, “The Originals,” there are different kinds of creatures. There were werewolves, vampires, witches, hybrids (werewolves and vampires mixed), and then there’s Hope Mikealson, who is a tribrid, which is a mix of all three. She is the only one of her kind. This show brings so much drama and suspense to keep you on your toes. The plot revolves around the oldest vampires in the world, “The Originals,” who are also known as the Mikealsons.

In “The Originals,” it revolves around the Mikaelsons which are the first vampires to be created. It shows how they act as a family and what family means to them. This came as a huge shock and surprise, Klaus Mikealson (Joseph Morgan) finds out he is having a miracle baby, being that he was a wolf before a vampire.  That is how Hope Mikealson (Danielle Russel) came about. After finding out Klaus had a baby on the way, the show really revolved around her, the miracle baby. Everything the family did was for Hope, even when she was not even born yet. 

What made this show a lot more interesting is that a lot of people agree with how they showed the past of the originals and the reasons why they are the way they are. The originals is a spin-off to the “Vampire Diaries,” and in that show they only showed a glimpse of who the originals really were, as only Klaus and Rebecca occurred on the “Vampire Diaries” the most. This made a lot of people very intrigued by the original’s history. It was nice they explained and elaborated on all of that in the show “The Originals.” 

Around the fifth season, they added a spirit called The Hollow that needed and wanted a lot of power. This took a lot of the season, and honestly was boring and pointless. They should have kept this part out of the series. It barely caught any attention and made some people stop watching the show or even skip over the section of the hollow, which made other important parts get skipped and cause some confusion. They definitely should have not put this big part into the series.

The show “The Originals” was very intriguing for the most part and was definitely worth binge watching. This show deserves a 9/10 and is recommended to anyone who is into shows about the supernatural world.