Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

Director Noah Baumbach gave viewers a life changing horror drama called “White Noise” in December 2022. 

“White Noise” is based in Ohio during the year 1984 following the family of six lives in a suburban neighborhood not far from town. Babette’s husband Jack is a professor at the College on the Hill where he funded the Hitler Studies. Denise sees Babette take a pill and then try to hide the empty bottle in the trash. She then tells Jack about the prescription, and Bebette said it blocks out the fear of dying. Soon their lives get disrupted when a tragic train accident happened and causes them to leave their home. They called it an “Airborne Toxic Event” which caused a massive evacuation, causing a major traffic jam. This makes Jack have to refill his tank, making him exposed to the large cloud of chemicals in the air. 

Since “White Noise” was based in the 80s, the use of actors made a big impact. Professor Jack was played by Adam Driver where he also played in many other movies based in the 70s or 80s. By using actors who played in other movies based in the 1900s makes the point get across effectively. Greta Gerwig played as Babette and also appears in many other movies while directing some of her own. Raffey Cassidy plays Denise who is the oldest daughter of Babette and played a big role in the movie. Her character was used to figure out the backstory of Babette using the pills. 

The plot of “White Noise” is very intricate which helps with getting the point across to the viewers. In the beginning of the movie it shows a normal family living in a suburban neighborhood. Jack is a professor who founded a field called Hitler Studies, but then his teammate decides he wants to make his own called Elvis Studies, which makes them become rivals. After Jack’s long day, he receives news from Denise saying Babette is taking a medicine called Dylar. The medicine makes Babettes thoughts disappear since she has a major fear of death. It became dinner time when the Gadneys found out about the train accident. Soon there were sirens blasting throughout town making everyone evacuate. With Babette using the Dylar in these tough times, it causes Jack to find the supplier in which he did then killed him and made it look like a suicide. 

The rating of the movie received a 6/10. The movie is recommended to viewers who enjoy the aftermath of a natural disaster.