Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

The already adored series “One Tree Hill” peaked when its admirable season four premiered on September 27, 2006. 

Season four of “One Tree Hill” once again brings back its main characters, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James) Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina), and new cast member Michael Trucco (Nathan’s Uncle Cooper).  During this season, two-time newlyweds Haley and Nathan are stunned when they see Nathan’s Uncle Cooper, and Rachel’s stolen limo in the river and the two are nowhere to be found. A heroic Nathan jumps into the river to try to save the two, which leaves Haley frightened. When the two are pulled out of the water and are in the hospital, Nathan realizes that it was in fact not him who pulled the two out of the water, which leaves him confused and second guessing himself. As the beginning of the season progresses, Nathan is in desperate need for an answer and believes it was his late Uncle Keith. Meanwhile, Peyton is still heartbroken from her confession to Brooke about her feelings for Lucas. This leaves a hurt Brooke not speaking to Peyton and gives up their friendship. Fast forward to later in the episodes, the senior basketball season is on the rise and Nathan and Lucas are hungry to compete in the state championship. As the season moves forward, relationships, the end of the senior basketball season, and tensions only get more nerve wracking in Tree Hill.

Although season four tests the relationship of Brooke and Peyton, a key factor of the two reconciling and becoming best friends again is caused by Peyton’s psycho stalker and fake half brother Derek. After Peyton believes Derek is locked up and out of her life forever, on Prom night he comes back for blood and attacks her at her house. After Peyton does not show up to her senior Prom, a hurt but concerned Brooke goes to check on her. When Brooke gets to Peyton’s, she realizes Peyton has been tied up by Derek and tries to save her. As she is untying Peyton, Derek hits Brooke over the head and they have both now been kidnapped. When they both are conscious, the two pair up to take him down once and for all by Peyton tricking Derek and hurting him with a knife. As the two call the police and realize they have been through so much together, they decide to go back to their senior prom, together. Even though Peyton’s psycho stalker generally hurt them, he did in fact bring the two girls back together, once and for all. 

Another bright side of the season was the Tree Hill Ravens winning the basketball state championship. The team is down in the score for nearly the entirety of the game, but at the end, Lucas shoots a shot from the three point line and wins the buzzerbeater game. When the game is over, sentimental music plays and confetti falls, but in that very moment Lucas realizes that he is in love with Peyton and kisses her in the midst of the confetti. A pregnant Haley also informs Nathan that he is going to have a son, leaving Nathan beaming. This is one of the best things to ever happen on the show and leads up to many amazing life events for the characters. 

All in all, season four of “One Tree Hill” was one of the happiest and sentimental seasons in the franchise. This season brought new things to each character, reconciled friendships, sparked new love interests, and finished out the character’s senior year. This season was absolutely adored by fans and is considered the best season in “One Tree Hill” history. It is recommended for ages fourteen and up and is one of the most heartwarming and relieving seasons in the “One Tree Hill” series.