Alec Dankovich, Entertainment Writer

Hershey Park is an amusement park in Hershey, PA. It originally opened on May 30, 1906; the park spans across 121 acres of land. 

Hershey Park tickets can be purchased on their website and day passes cost $49.99. This park also offers annual passes; where annual passes can range from $57.50 to $39.50 depending on the level of pass that you decide to purchase. Like the park’s name suggests, Hershey Park is related to the chocolate bar Company. There is a chocolatier in the park that the guests love and enjoy. The park includes 15 roller coasters and 16 water rides that guests can enjoy. 

One of the main attractions at Hershey Park is called the Skyrush. This is one of the more popular and thrilling attractions. The ride is an intense experience that goes up to 75 miles per hour, with winding turns. This ride is 200 feet tall and lasts just over one minute long. This thrilling ride is open all year round except during the Christmas season. 

Another ride the guests will come to enjoy is called the Wildcat’s Revenge. This ride is supposed to come out this summer and is open to the public all year round except during the spring. The ride is described as a hybrid coaster that reaches speeds of 62 miles per hour across 3,510 feet of track. The ride turns you upside down 4 times and includes an almost 90 degree drop; all of this while you also have the “world’s largest underflip.” What makes this ride a hybrid is that they added steel track to the already existing wooden track framework. 

Hershey Park has been rated anywhere from a 4.2 to a 4.8 out of 5 stars. The highly recommended park has great rides and is greatly enjoyed by its many visitors.