Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

“Live PD” is a very old series, the first ever episode came out March 11, 1989. There is a lot going on when the officers arrest the bad people.

There are more than 200 episodes of “Live PD.” Every episode is around 30 minutes long, and each one has different police officers from the same county. The officers pull several different cars over following with either a chase or an arrest. The episodes show that police officers aren’t bad guys because it shows officers try and work with the victims as much as they can even though they should be in jail. There were a lot of episodes where cops have sent people to the hospital to get them clean and the people have come back saying the police officer changed their life.

There are a lot of good things about this show because it can help people change in many ways. It can also show kids what they don’t want to do when they grow up because going to jail is a bad thing. How the police officers take care of every situation can really show adults/ kids on what’s right and what’s wrong.

One thing about these episodes that should be changed is what happens in every pull-over. They only record the bad stops when someone either gets busted or goes to jail or runs away from the cops. They should add episodes where the cops let some people go, so they don’t always look like the bad guy.

This show deserves a 5/5 because it is very interesting and can show a lot of people things they need to understand.