Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

“Bleach TYBW” episode five is a very eventful episode. This episode focuses on the soul reapers trying to hold off their invaders while waiting for our main character (Ichigo) to arrive and hopefully turn the tides of this battle.

This episode begins with a captain (Byakuya) who just lost his Bankai fighting the stern ritter who stole it. He continued to fight even in his weakened state against a much stronger opponent. It was fearless or so he thought until he was suddenly overcome with fear. This fear did not come from his current fight but from the thought of losing his sister. The captain (Byakuya) is then quickly overpowered after the enemy uses his own Bankai against him. It then cuts to another captain (Kenpachi) who had just finished defeating five stern ritters and confronting the enemy leader. Then the show cuts to the man who killed the lieutenant of the first division attacking the head captain (Yamamoto). He then angers the head captain by using his closest friend’s Bankai. The head captain wipes out the stern ritter in one blow and everyone in the soul can feel his anger. This gives every soul reaper a moral boost and gets them fighting again. 

This episode was a roller coaster of emotions. It began with sadness as Byakuya lost his fight. Then that sadness gets uplifted by seeing another captain take down five enemies that other captains couldn’t.

The cliff hanger this episode left on was great. The battle is about to reach its peak. Ichigo is on his way to help with this losing fight. The head captain has finally stepped into battle. The tides are turning.

Overall, this episode deserves a 10/10. Ths episode sets up perfectly for the next and leaves viewers on an amazing cliff hanger. These fight scenes were epic. There are also many chilling moments.