Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

The very popular movie series “Scream” is probably one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. If you do a horror movie marathon around Halloween time, this is one of the movies you’d want to pick.

“Scream” is an one hour and 51 minute long movie that takes place in a small town that isn’t ready for the horror that was going to occur. The movie focuses on the main character Sidney Prescott as she tries to figure out why this person is after her and  who the person behind the mask is. Throughout the movie, she gets closer and closer to figuring out who they are or so she thought, but in the end it was the people she least expected. 

Around Halloween time, this movie always gets popular again every single year; it’s inevitable,  and you’ll see at least five people wearing a ghost face Halloween costume every year. That’s how popular the movie is. This movie is definitely one of the originals and most likely 3/5 people have seen it.

The conflict working up to the end didn’t fail at all; the writer Kevin Williamson didn’t fail to keep people on edge the whole time watching this film. If you asked a person what their top five horror movies are, this movie is more than likely one of them.

Overall, “Scream” is recommended for adults and teen/tween audiences. It is overall rated an 8/10.