Julia Hennon-Hird, Opinion Writer

Students continuously use their phones and computers for school work while simultaneously checking emails, texts, social media sites, and other forms of communication.

Modern students rely entirely too much on technology for uses such as having almost all of their assignments on Google Classroom, overusing their phones on social media and other apps, and even reading this article online.

According to data published by JAMA Pediatrics, “Screen time among teens doubled from 3.8 hours per day to 7.7 hours, which is from the time they are home from school until they go to sleep on a school day.” Students are becoming sleep-deprived and gaining unhealthy habits from social media and technology, such as self-harm, anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, depression, and more from seeing other people on the internet be what they think they aren’t. Social media sets impossible standards on everything, body image, beauty standards, how much money you have, and so much more. Modern students are addicted to social media and technology, which could create a negative impact on one’s mental health.

Of course, there’s the factor that there could be positive things about technology, like making it easier to communicate, making it easier for teachers to get assignments out, and also helping to bring each other together. But without technology or at least social media, modern students could be happier or not feel as bad about themselves. Technology and social media can be great places for those who are easy to relate to, but what about those who aren’t so relatable or popular? They could get bullied or shamed for being who they want to be.

Almost everything needs to change about social media, but it isn’t that simple. It can be said that it needs to change, but it won’t. Everyone could want social media to change, but it’s easier said than done. Not everyone cares about social media being changed for the better, but it does need to change for the better, of course, you can’t stop people from posting themselves, and their money to social media sites, but what can be changed is the way people think about themselves. People need to be more positive about their self-image no matter what it’s hard to change that mentality as well.

Ultimately, modern students spend too much time on social media and technology in general. We all need to take a break sometimes, even if it means avoiding people and losing people that weren’t that close.