Olivia Tondy, Entertainment Writer

Well-known restaurant Izumi has been in business since 2008 and is known for their authentic Japanese food and great service.

Izumis serves many foods such as their tasty chicken hibachi, and steak hibachi, along with their sushi rolls, a variety of fresh fish, and ramen soups. Izumi’s Japanese restaurant was founded in Oasis of the Seas in 2008. There are now many different Izumis all over the world but they are most common now on cruise ships. For example, Izumis will be coming to the Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship “Harmony.”

A positive thing about Izumis is the unique designs that they have inside of their restaurant and also the cool foods that they have to offer such as their boat full of sushi that you can order off of their menu. They also offer different flavor milk bobbas and boba teas. 

Another positive thing about Izumi restaurant is the great customer service. They are always on top of their game and are ready to serve you. Even with how busy they get, they never fail to make you feel welcomed and get you in and out of there fast and efficiently. Izumi has great food for everyone and it is a great place to go for lunch or dinner. 

In all, Izumi is a delicious affordable restaurant for everyone. It is rated 10/10.