Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Matthew McConahy is a sophomore who plays football at Struthers High School.

Last season, McConahy and his teammates had a pretty good season with a winning record.

The beginning of the season was rough last year, but the boys battled back and went on a winning streak to get their winning record.

“I think it started off slow for us but we were able to kick it into high gear and be able to have the winning record and the season we wanted and had,” says McConahy.

Although the season might be over, the grind never stops. The boys continue to get in the weight room year-round.

It’s all about becoming a better player in the off-season.

“During the offseason, we have been doing a lot of training in the weight room and just getting stronger and better,” says McConahy.

The football season will be coming up in just a couple months. A winning record is looking good for next season.

There is a lot of potential for the boys to make it far.

“For the next season, we are trying to finish what the seniors started last year and to get back into week 12 but be able to get further than that and make it to state,” says McConahy.