Mrs. Mickler

Skylar Bark is enjoying her freshman year.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Skylar Bark is a freshman at Struthers High School. She is involved with the marching band. 

Students face many challenges through their high school years. Sometimes it affects their grades along with many other things. 

Bark has faced challenges, so it has been hard on her maintaining her grades and attitude. 

“I lost two close family members throughout this school year, so it has been really hard trying to maintain good grades and a good attitude,” says Bark. 

The high school marching band takes a trip to Disney World every four years to perform with many different schools. 

This was the freshman’s first year going on the Disney World trip. 

“Going to Disney World with the Marching Band was my favorite memory so far,” says Bark.

Coming into high school is challenging for many, especially learning a new language. People find the challenge fun coming into school. 

The freshman’s favorite subject is Spanish. 

“Spanish is my favorite subject because Mrs. Nicholas is an amazing teacher. She makes her class very fun,” says Bark.