Brooke Adams

Bailey Rubosky is enjoying her freshman year as a cheerleader for the Cats.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

Bailey Ruboksy takes on her freshman year of cheerleading. She is taking her passion into high school and experiencing the new scenery. 

Rubosky has been cheering since 6th grade and is planning to continue her cheering career though highschool.

The cheerleader is enjoying her time in high school, seeing how different it can be.

“It is good; it’s very fun and interesting. I’m glad I did it because I got to meet new people,” says the cheerleader.  

Rubosky is enjoying her season so far, and she enjoys the new people and things she is experiencing.

The freshman is adjusting to her new way in high school, making new friends and looking up to her role models.

“I look up to all of the older girls and the seniors who helped me alot through the start of my year,” says the freshman. 

Cheerleader keeps her passion of cheering going as it is something she really loves.

Cheering, making friends, and having a good time is what cheer is all about.

“Meeting new people and spending time with everyone is my favorite part of cheering in high school,” says Rubosky. 

Rubosky is starting off her year strong and is planning on making it a good one for her and her friends.