Brooke Adams

Ben Stanton is making the most of his freshman year at SHS.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Benjamen Stanton is a freshman at Struthers High School. He is a basketball player and plans on joining the football team next year. 

The athlete loves playing basketball and has been playing since he was in 6th grade. He enjoys putting time into the sport he loves.

Stanton has had a good year so far along with some good memories. His favorite memory is his first basketball points. 

“My favorite memory since I’ve been in high school is probably scoring my first high school points in a basketball game. This is my favorite memory because it was my first point in high school, and I enjoy playing basketball,” says Stanton.

Coming from high school to middle school, you see a lot of changes in many ways. In high school, you learn new things and become more involved. 

Stanton feels more free in high school rather than being treated like a kid. 

“Freedom is the main difference between highschool and middle school. In middle school, you’re treated like a kid and you’re babied, but in high school, you have more freedom; you’re not babied at all,” says the freshman. 

Many new classes are available to the kids in high school rather than in middle school. There are various electives the students love to take along with the teachers. 

The freshman enjoys law studies for various reasons. 

“Law studies is my favorite because it’s different from the way you have to put on cases, but it’s enjoyable most of the time, and it’s good to know things that the class teaches,” stated Stanton.