Brooke Adams

Mr. Matzye played baseball at various levels.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

Lawrence Matzye, a math teacher at Struthers High School, influences and supports his students every day throughout their years of school. However, he was once in their shoes as he was a student athlete in high school and at the collegiate level, making for a very successful athletic career.

Matzye’s life has always been filled with sports as he started playing baseball at age eight and stopped at age twenty three. Along with this, he played football and still loves to watch it to this day.

Even though he took part in many sports throughout his life and took a liking to each of them, there were certain aspects about the sport of baseball that made it his favorite. 

“Just working out, traveling, and hanging out with teammates was what made it my favorite,” says Matzye. 

The Struthers staff member received many achievements throughout his athletic career through lots of hard work and dedication. His high school career was very rewarding for him as he was recruited by many Division One colleges and was even placed on two Major League Baseball charts. 

Matzye recalls his fulfilling baseball career and what he is most proud of looking back upon it. 

“I made All Conference for 4 years in high school and led the team in hitting at YSU my freshman year,” says Matzye.

The Youngstown State alumni made great memories and accomplishments, but also went through the difficult aspects of being a college athlete. He grew to understand the hardships of juggling a busy schedule filled with conditioning and practicing, along with attending school every day. Still, he wishes he took a chance on playing in the MLB and focused more on that goal. 

Matzye has been influenced by many coaches and teammates and now is just as wise as he gives advice to current baseball players and athletes. 

“Put in the work, have goals, and listen to the good advice, not just what you want to hear. Go for it,” says Matzye.