Brooke Adams

Grady Moore is a proud member of the Future Teachers Club.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Grady Moore is a junior at Struthers High School. He is involved with basketball, track, and baseball along with being in clubs.

Moore is a part of the Future Teachers Club. Future Teachers Club allows students to get a behind the scenes of being a teacher. This week, Moore along with members of the club, will travel to the elementary school for an activity with the kids. 

Moore explains what they will do for the kids. 

“I will be reading a few books to the little kids around the school,” explains the student.

Many students join the club because they enjoy helping little kids. One of the main priorities of the club is being able to engage with the children. Moore enjoys the part of working with the kids and being a leader. 

Leader Moore states just why he loves this club so much.

“I like the happiness on their faces when we read. They get so into it and it is a blast,” says Moore.

In this club, anyone can join, freshmen through seniors. Moore’s has been in future teachers since his freshman year and has enjoyed it very much. The club allows you to do fun activities with the kids which permits the students to also have a fun time. 

The future teacher says why people should join the club.

“People should join because even if you do not want to be a teacher it still helps you with many other skills you will need,” says the club member.