Brooke Adams

Josiah Rotan is enjoying his sophomore year.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Josiah Rotan had a strong first half of the year.

One of many students’ goals is to get good grades. In fact, so many students prioritize their grades over many things. 

Rotan set goals for himself this school year in terms of his academics.

“This year my goals are to make the A and B Honor Roll,” says Rotan.

Many teachers strive to keep their students engaged but still have fun. They attempt to keep a positive environment and have good relationships with their students. 

Rotan believes Ms. Keller is one of the nicest and funniest teachers in the school.

“Ms. Keller is my favorite teacher because she is easy to talk to and really nice,” says Rotan.

Some students like subjects because it comes easy to them or they learn it the best. Others like certain subjects because it challenges them.

Rotan enjoys math because it’s easy but sometimes challenges him.

“My favorite subject is math because I find it easy to understand at times, but my favorite part about math is that it challenges me,” says the student.