Brooke Adams

Connor Pavlicko is this year’s Show Choir President.

Isabella Sferra, News Writer

In a special interview with senior Connor Pavlicko, we get an inside on his mindset of Show Choir.

First, the singer indulges into his past and history with the show choir class. With him being in the class for all of his high school years– and two of his middle school years– there is no doubt he has some very interesting things to share.

Pavlicko speaks about his best memories, favorite songs, and why this is the path he has chosen.

“The spring concert of my junior year was my favorite. I also enjoyed my time at Disney with my friends. Some of my favorite songs are “The Greatest Showman” songs from my freshman/sophmore year,” says the performer.

When asked about his journey, there was only a joyful tone to his response.

“I really liked the program and it gives me the opportunity to be creative and also gives me the chance to practice singing. I feel like it has given my voice the chance to grow,” tells the senior.

It is no secret that the students of the show choir work very hard to make two shows every year, and they never seem to disappoint.

It is also clear that Pavlicko has made some great progress in the group.

“It is a great music program and gives kids the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and learn a lot about music,” tells the YSU attendee.

Anyone is able to join the show choir through the audition process that usually takes place in spring. Although it can be scary to start a new school, this could be the place to make some amazing friends.

The Show Choir president leaves one last bit of advice for incoming members.

“Do not be afraid to make friends, be nice to everyone and give your 100%. That is the only way that you will get anything out of the program,” says Pavlicko.