Brooke Adams

Marisa Orbin is a junior cheerleader for the Cats.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Junior Marisa Orbin from Struthers High School is making her last couple years count by making memories with the cheer team. She has been cheering for 12 years, being a part of multiple cheer squads. She cheers for football, and basketball for the high school; she also competes on a competitive team also. 

Orbin is very pleased to have made many friends along the way and hopes her last year will be one to remember. 

“I’m excited about being able to cheer my teams on one last time along with being there with my friends,” says Orbin. 

Although Orbin is a junior, she has many plans for the future. She plans on going to college at YSU and hopefully going to cheer there as well. She is unaware of a profession, but is set on cheering. 

Orbin has so much fun with the cheer team, and has always had a good relationship with the sport and the girls cheering with her also. 

“Have fun with the people you cheer with as you will be with them a lot. The cheer team really made up how my high school experience was, so make it a fun one,” says Orbin.

Orbin can’t wait for the upcoming football season that is lurking upon her. Her favorite time to cheer is during the football season. She loves to cheer the boys on and the environment is much more intense. Along the way, Orbin’s mom has been her biggest supporter yet. 

Her mom was the reason she kept cheering and is the reason why she is so confident in it today. 

“My mom loved watching me cheer as I grew up, and she always supported me through it,” says Orbin.