Mrs. Nicholas

January Students of the Month (Left to Right): Bella Slaina, Samantha Day, Kaylyn Vlosich, Gianna DeSalvo, Isabella Sahli

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Coming into the new year, the students at Struthers are already getting recognized for Student of the Month.

With it only being the beginning of the year, a lot of people may wonder why students are already getting recognized. Although, the students can do many different things to stand out, and when teachers see these things, they don’t forget.

Freshman, Isabella Salhi, is striving in high school and getting recognized is a big accomplishment for her.

“It’s a really great honor to get to be Student of the Month. I feel really proud of accomplishing something like this. I always try my best in school and try to be as respectful as I can towards teachers, so that probably contributed to it,” says Sahli.

The school also gives this reward to all different grades, making everyone feel as included in the school as possible. The upperclassmen are also supposed to be role models to the younger students, so when they get rewarded, it makes others want to accomplish it too.

Senior, Bella Slaina, is almost done with high school, although she is still getting rewarded and making an impact on the younger students.

“I would tell them to do all their work and to be on time for every class. Making sure to participate in class is a huge part along with being at school every day,” says Slaina.

Everyone in the school contributes to Students of the Month, whether it’s the teachers who are recognizing the students or the students who get recognized. Even if students do something kind when they think no one is watching, someone will most likely see.

12th grader Slaina also does all of her work and is someone who will do the right thing when nobody’s watching.

“I’m overall a great example of a student to follow for underclassmen. I do all my homework and classwork on time. I never cheat on any assignments, and I’m at school every day. I like to participate in all my classes, and I love to help anybody who is in need, especially my LINK kids. I feel like this all leads up to being a student of the month,” says Slaina.

Students of the Month for January include Bella Slaina, Sam Day, Gianna DeSalvo, Kaylyn Vlosich and Isabella Sahli.