Brooke Adams

Scarlet Horvath is a junior volleyball player for the Cats.

Marissa Metzka, Feature Writer

Scarlet Horvath, a junior and athlete at Struthers High School, plays school and club volleyball.

Horvath plays for the Mahoning Valley Premier Volleyball Club out of campbell.

Horvath’s season has just started, and she hopes it will get better as the season goes on.

“I think it will get better once we learn how to play with each other better,” says the athlete.

The junior plays for the 17-age-group regional team, and she is very happy with her team this season.

Horvath’s team played their first tournament this past weekend and did okay but definitely had things that they can improve on.

“It was okay, we played okay for it being our first time together, but we definitely need to work on things,” says the student.

On Scarlet’s club team, she plays every position on the court–all the way around, she passes and hits.

It is very important to build a connection with the people on your team, but there will always be someone who you have a stronger one with than others.

“I think I have the strongest connection with the setter. She and I constantly have to communicate to talk about plays or what sets I like,” says the volleyball player.